Junior Pene

Maori. Father. Lifelong Skateboarder. Musician. Founder of TAANE.

From harsh beginnings to empowerment: Skateboarding broke the chains of hopelessness. Now, I uplift others, nurturing the underground skate scene and celebrating unconventional brilliance.

Embrace knowledge, embody tenacity, and soar.


Photo - Marcus Hart


A Bond Forged in Two Decades: Cons and I, through highs and lows. Witnessing him rise as an Australian skateboarding icon in the underground scene. World-class heckler, resilient to slams, elevating skate sessions to unforgettable parties. Cons, a true skateboarding soul, paying dues since the 80's.

A cult hero and a man of honor. Cons embodies hard work, loyalty to family and mates. These top-tier traits make him a cherished member of our brotherhood.

Pat Dandy

Pat and I go way back. I first heard his name from Trent Fahey: "You've gotta meet my mate Pat from NZ. He's a ruler and so gnarly!"

I was not disappointed! He's an incredible skateboarder, and we instantly bonded over home stories and beers.

Over the years, Pat and I have shared epic times. One beloved trait is his genuineness—what you see is what you get. Pat stays true to himself, uncompromising in his principles.

An intense fire drives Pat, evident in every skate session. Stylish, fast, technical, fearless, and raw AF! This is what we love. This is Pat Dandy.

Zepp Heyes

When Zepp entered the comp scene as a kid, his potential was undeniable. Every time we saw him, he unveiled a bag of new, blazing tricks. A standout memory was Zepp flawlessly landing his first front rock in St Kilda bowl—no hesitations, just perfection!

Confidence and brashness set Zepp apart. He speaks his mind:

  • "Cricket sucks!" - Zepp on a road trip with Nick Kilderry, Simon Hastwell, and me.

He's discerning:

  • "Corey Glick" - Zepp's choice for the best skater (2018).

He's upfront:

  • "I like his outfits more than the skating" - Zepp's take on the latest Nyjah part.

From Rye to MTV, Belco to the world—so many achievements in so little time. Drew and Sal, take a bow; you've raised an exceptional young man, and we're thrilled to have him in our crew. Zepp, you're a force to be reckoned with!


Photo - Potty Chamberlain